An advanced electronic system capable to be integrated in a SMART Electro Hydraulic System for heavy modulating, stepping, PST, diagnostic and ESD/BDV action. 

Features & Benefits:

  • Standard functions:
    - Positioning of modulating actuator (heavy duty, low drain-heavy duty, stepping)
    - Control of integral HPU with single or dual pump. Automatic switch of electrical pumps
    - Control of on-off actuator
    - Partial Stroke Test
    - Input characterization
    - Failsafe function
    - ESD function
    - Stay in position by optional SOV
    - Outputs to control Servovalves, Proportional Valves, on-off Solenoid Operated Valves (SOV’s), contactors of Electrical Motor of hydraulic pumps
    - Inputs to read 4-20mA transmitters and switches
    - Optional module to drive proportional valves by PWM signals
  • Functions on demand :
  • Process PID, Interlock controls, Process valve watching
  • Hardwired and BUS remote control
  • Local control
  • Local Operator Interface with graphic OLED display and pushbuttons, visible from -40°C
  • User friendly navigation in the menu. English language menu.
  • Diagnostic function
  • Full local parameterization.
  • Access to parameter protected by four levels of password
  • Configuration data saved in 3 separated permanent memories
  • 2 Watch-dog timer working in parallel
  • Real Time Clock and battery to maintain date and time
  • CRC function to validate communication messages and memory content
  • Bluetooth wireless communication
  • Temperature, humidity and acceleration sensors of electronic cards
  • Electronic NAME PLATE of electronic cards
  • Failure, Alarm, Event, Connection loggers, graph and recorder
  • BIFFI-Assistant, SW tool for PC for connection to actuator via Bluetooth or RS232

General application
ECU1000 is a control unit designed to grant hydraulic (PowerUnit and System) control in oil and gas, petrochemical or power plant. This electronic device is used for the control of any Biffi single and double acting high pressure actuators, suitable for heavy duty modulating and on/off service.

Standard And Approvals
EMI test according to European directive 2004/108/EC
Low voltage test according to European directive 2006/95/EC
Vibration test according to IEC 60068-2-6 and 60068-2-57
Temperature test according to IEC 60068-2-1, 60068-2-2 and 60068-2-78
Cabinet IP 65 or Explosion proof ATEX Ex-d IIB

Technical data
Operating temperature from -40 °C to +75 °C

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