Oil & Gas

Your industry is changing 

These are tough times for the world’s oil and gas producers. 

The near depletion of conventional energy reserves has seen the demand for oil and gas escalate. Production, transportation and processing have subsequently become more complex, costly and technically demanding. And there are the added complications caused by environmental concerns, geo-politics and changing government regulations. 

Actuation gives you an advantage 

In the face of such challenges, valve actuation has become an even more vital part to play in any oil and gas facility. Whether you operate upstream, midstream or downstream, they are integral to the smooth running of your plant – the one product that will help you control your valves and drive efficiency and safety. 

This makes it even more essential that you work with the right actuation partner – a specialist who can not only provide you with a range of standard solutions that are robust, durable and compliant, but also customise actuators to meet your specific requirements and deliver expert support, whatever your location worldwide. 

Meet the challenge with Biffi 

As a leading manufacturer of standard and customised valve actuators, Biffi’s global presence and engineering capabilities have seen us become the partner of choice for many of the world’s top oil and gas producers. We provide advanced actuation solutions for every part of the industry, from production and processing to distribution and storage. 

In upstream operations, for example, our customers are being asked to operate in increasingly more remote and challenging environments. But by drawing on our industry experience and global capability, we’re continually helping them to design, install and operate their production facilities more efficiently. 

Midstream, Biffi is constantly finding new ways to help companies store and transport vital oil and gas commodities and refined products. We can offer you an extensive range of actuators for pipelines, tank farms and LNG facilities, that will help you protect the environment and meet your safety regulations. 

Whilst downstream, Biff can offer extensive experience in providing refiners and natural gas processors with the customized solutions and unrivalled support they need. Our actuation products and services will help you to increase your through-put and reliability, extend run-times and reduce maintenance.

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