Maintenance & Repair

When it comes to actuators, Biffi can take care of all your repair and maintenance requirements. 

We have our own state-of-the-art service workshops, which are run by highly skilled staff dedicated to ensuring your job is completed to the highest standards as quickly as possible. 

These allow us to strip actuators, check all parts and rebuild them to their original specifications. It also means we can repair and maintain any type of standard actuator, as well as those models with special and non-standard specifications. 

On call. On-site. 

In many cases though, effective repairs, maintenance and servicing can only be carried out in your own plant - which is why Biffi provides a complete on-site service. 

This means that wherever you operate worldwide, Biffi can deliver the experienced service specialists and portable workshops you need to operate effectively - whether you need a single actuator overhaul or a total shut down. 

Available 24/7, our on-site service teams are readily available to carry out effective repairs, maintenance and servicing to an agreed schedule and with the minimum of disruption. We can even station workshops with experienced personnel permanently at your plant if you require. 

For further information on Maintenance and Repair please email or call 00 39 0523 944 411

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