Biffi manufactures a wide range of actuation and control products for the industrial and process valves. Our products have been developed using the latest technology and are intended to work seamlessly for both on/off and modulating applications helping to improve both performance and safety. By anticipating the changing needs and requirements of the process industry our product range satisfies the latest international standards and approvals and is suitable for a wide array of process conditions. We have actuators installed through out the world in the chemicals, oil & gas, pharmaceutical, power, mining and water & waste treatment industries.

Electric Actuators

Biffi’s range of intelligent quarter and multi-turn electric actuators represent some of the most technologically advanced valve automation solutions available. Incorporating innovative technologies that provide maximum flexibility for voltage supply, operating speeds and torque options, the range includes models with advanced features such as extensive data loggers and configurable Emergency Shutdown (ESD) functionality. Each actuator includes the option of Bluetooth™ wireless communication and can be upgraded easily to provide network system connectivity, supporting all major fieldbus protocols.

Pneumatic Actuators

A proven range of pneumatic actuators offering the options of rack and pinion, scotch yoke and linear designs. Rack and pinion actuators provide the most economical on-off and modulating control for small to medium quarter-turn valves. The efficient scotch yoke design creates high break-out torques making them suitable for quarter-turn valves up to the largest sizes. All three configurations have been designed to provide maximum torque output with minimum supply pressure and are available in double-acting and spring return formats. Scotch yoke and linear designs are also available in quick-acting variants.

Hydraulic Actuators

A broad range of hydraulic actuators with a choice of rack and pinion, scotch yoke and linear designs suitable for heavy-duty service in the harshest environmental and operating conditions. They provide economical on-off and modulating control for small to medium quarter-turn valves or the option of high break-out torques for quarter-turn valves up to the largest sizes, including models for very high pressure applications. Each configuration is available in double-acting and spring return formats, to provide failsafe operation. Quick-acting scotch yoke and linear designs are also available for critical applications.

Electro-Hydraulic Actuators

Electro-hydraulic actuators use a self-contained power unit to provide operation and control when the primary power source is unavailable. The range includes actuators based on proven Biffi intelligent electric and hydraulic actuation technologies, providing guaranteed high-speed failsafe action for critical emergency shutdown (ESD) applications and assured reliability for large quarter-turn valves in heavy-duty service.

Gas Powered Actuators

Particularly suited to pipeline valve applications, these highly efficient, ‘direct’ gas or gas-over-oil actuators use the gas flowing in the pipeline for their operation, with no need for any other power source. Both designs offer amongst the lowest emissions of any competing product and are capable of remote and local operation of quarter-turn valves in on-off and modulating heavy-duty service in the harshest of environments and extremes of temperature. Direct gas actuators are available in either double-acting or spring-return formats and there’s a gas-over-oil actuator for linear valve applications.


Rotary and linear hydraulic sub-sea actuators designed to deliver high performance, safety and long life cycles for maximum operational reliability in submerged crude oil or sea water environments. Their unique designs enable coupling to any type of valve shafts and flanges easily and quickly and they are retrievable readily and effortlessly from underwater. They are available with a standard interface for ROV actuation and are suitable for depths of up to 3000m.

Network Devices

Designed for the centralised control and monitoring of up to 300 actuators. The Diagnostic Communication Master system is the ideal solution for the control of actuators from a remote control room through a two-wire transmission-mode bus communication system, ensuring reliable data communication in the most severe operating conditions.

Control Products

Technologically advanced devices for the monitoring and diagnostics of individual valves and actuators or the centralised control and monitoring of up to 300 actuators. More