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Linear hydraulic actuator is 30% more compact

The project:
A linear hydraulic actuator was needed that was small enough to operate the 14” Class 2500 valves that were installed in a floating production, storage and offloading (FPSO) unit operating in the North Sea.

The solution:
Biffi had the perfect solution: the compact linear actuator (HLAS-C). This offers size reductions of 30% in comparison with other conventional actuators.

The result:
  • The actuator features a hydraulic cylinder contained inside a spring pack
  • A third party witnessed 100,000 total cycle test qualifies every product
  • It’s also 960 mm shorter than an equivalent conventional linear actuator
  • AST (Air Starting Torque to open): up to 809,000 N
  • SET (Spring Ending Torque to close): up to 144,000 N