Dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service the Biffi service team can draw on many years experience managing the installation, commissioning, repair and maintenance requirements for customers through out the Power, Process and Offshore industries.

We also offer regional competency centers providing centers of excellence for all our actuators and a dedicated training facility and a wide range of courses designed to help you get the most from your Biffi actuation products.

Our specialist service offering includes:

Installation & commissioning

If you’re looking to maximise the service life and efficiency of your plant and key assets, then it’s essential that you involve Biffi at the earliest possible stage. Biffi’s service specialists are fully qualified to install any type of actuator at the construction phase of your project, whether it is a re-fit or new build.

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Maintenance & repair

When it comes to actuators, Biffi can take care of all your repair and maintenance requirements. We have our own state-of-the-art service workshops, which are run by highly skilled staff dedicated to ensuring your job is completed to the highest standards as quickly as possible.

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With valve actuation technology growing in complexity and industry standards getting even stricter, regular high quality training has become a prerequisite for any operator looking to develop a competitive edge.

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Regional Competency Centers

We have a global network of regional competency centers providing specialist local support for all our actuators including application engineering, sizing, quotations and product configuration capabilities.

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