Double acting and single acting gas powered linear actuators for on-off service

Features & Benefits:

• Electroless nickel plated and polished cylinder for corrosion resistance and minimal friction.
• Hard chromium plated and polished piston rod in stainless steel for corrosion resistance and minimum friction.
• Piston rod support bushing in bronze with sintered PTFE provides minimal friction and extended service life.
• GILS totally enclosed spring cartridge ensures personnel safety during assembly or disassembly.
• Fabricated carbon steel adapter spool with accessories provision designed specifically for adaptation to any type of valve.
• Accept an extensive range of accessories:
 - Complete control panel
 - Emergency tank
 - Manual hand pump
 - PST device
 - Regulating device (ECU1000)
• Special coatings for offshore or corrosive environments.


GIL and GILS direct gas actuators are designed for the control of gate, globe and all other linear valves and use the gas flowing in the pipeline for their operation.


Design pressure: 100 barg
Supply medium: Sweet or sour high pressure gas, nitrogen or instrument air
Ambient temperature: From -60°C to 100°C

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Installation & Maintenance Instructions

GILS Gas Powered Actuators (English)

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Technical Data Sheets

GIL/GILS Gas Powered Actuators (English)

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Installation & Maintenance Instructions

GIL Gas Powered Actuators (English)

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