July 09, 2012

School of Actuation prepares for new challenges

Biffi has launched its new School of Actuation in Fiorenzuola D’Arda, Italy to provide practical and theoretical training solutions across a wide range of applications.

The facility will equip customers’ engineers and service staff with the necessary technical expertise required for configuration, commissioning and plant maintenance operation. This will be achieved through general training sessions held at the school, or a bespoke programme at customer’s own premises. Courses are instructed by professionals who have been in the industry for more than 20 years, combining a theoretical approach with industry experience to provide practical advice and training.

Training programmes at the school involve classroom sessions, practical training and simulation based learning. This hands-on approach means attendees can immediately apply theoretical knowledge and test their skills in real scenarios. Two standard courses are available which cover the entire Biffi range of actuators and controls from a service perspective. As such the school is suitable for a broad range of professionals from process control engineers to maintenance and repair operators.

Structured into two main modules, electric actuators and piston type actuators and controls, the courses are available as either basic or advanced levels depending on the current technical expertise of the candidates. At the end of the course a final theoretical and practical test evaluation is carried out to determine the level of the techniques and practices reached by the participants. All those who are successful are awarded with the official Biffi Training Certificate.

‘We believe that qualified employees are a key factor to any company’s success, and continual training is vital for this,” stated Simone Volpi, General Manager, Biffi. “Once training is completed our customers will have the ability to maintain products internally, thereby increasing efficiency, mitigating the risk of delay and reducing cost.”

The project in Italy is the first of many of its kind planned in regions such as Latin America, Asia Pacific and the US following the positive response received from customers. Covering additional brands such as Morin and Westlock Controls, the training developments are part of the continued commitment to expanding and improving service capabilities globally.

About Biffi:

Biffi, an Italian brand, is a leading manufacturer of valve actuators with more than 55 years experience offering a comprehensive selection of standard as well as specially designed actuation products. These include electric, pneumatic, hydraulic, gas-hydraulic and subsea actuators, all available with a full complement of accessories and controls suitable for a wide range of applications. For more information, please visit www.biffi.it

For more information regarding Biffi School of Actuation and training programs please contact the School coordinator, Maddalena Incerti, http://mincerti@biffi.it

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