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Your industry is changing

Safety and efficiency are the two key issues driving the mining industry today.

At a time when the demand for metals and minerals is growing but production capacities are becoming ever more constrained, operators are under enormous pressure to make the mining and refining processes safer and more efficient.

New mandates, in turn, have been issued requiring plants to reduce harmful emissions. Plus, the rigours and speed of modern mining means pipelines and valve arrangements are being repaired more frequently, leading to costly downtime.

Actuation gives you the advantage

In light of these significant challenges, high quality valve actuation has become a prerequisite for mining operations around the world.

Actuators are integral to the smooth running of your plant – the one product that will help you control your valves and drive efficiency and safety. They also allow you to monitor the condition of each and every valve more effectively, so you can alleviate any process or isolation issues before they arise.

Meet the challenge with Biffi

As a leading manufacturer of standard and customised valve actuators, no one understands the pressures you face better than Biffi.

Whatever your location, Biffi’s global mining team are ready to help you find the right mining solutions. Our actuators are not only designed to operate in the harshest conditions and comply with the latest industry standards, but also to deliver even greater degrees of accuracy, reliability and safety.

In short, we can provide the critical actuation solutions you need to:

  • Outperform during the mining and processing of metals and minerals
  • Decrease maintenance-related downtime
  • Improve plant and pipeline operating performance
  • Protect personnel
  • Meet environmental and quality standards

What’s more, because of our global presence, you can call on Biffi’s mining team to help you solve your challenges 24/7, regardless of your location.