Industries Served

Since manufacturing our first products for the Italian petrochemical sector back in 1955, Biffi has evolved into a major force in actuation serving a broad range of vital industries worldwide.

Today we’re a major supplier of actuation solutions to the oil and gas, power, water, mining and processing markets. Furthermore, with our commitment to product innovation, customer service and engineering excellence, we’re lending even greater support to our customers as they confront a whole new set of business challenges.

Oil & Gas

Biffi delivers a wide range of actuation solutions for your upstream, midstream and downstream processes.

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Water & Waste Treatment

Biffi is also supporting the distribution, transmission, desalination, treatment, and recycling and reusing of water and waste water, worldwide.

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Biffi offer critical assistance in delivering solutions for coal, natural gas, renewable energy and nuclear power generation.

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Industrial processes

Biffi provides customized actuation solutions for processing industries as diverse as food and beverage, pulp and paper, agriculture and heating.

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Biffi’s global mining team provide exceptional actuation products for our customers in the mining, metals and minerals industries.

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