About Us


From the start, Biffi has been a company focused on the constant advancement of actuation.

60 years of excellence

This rich history in valve actuators goes back to 1955, when the first Biffi factory opened in Fiorenzuola d’Arda, located in Italy’s northern industrial area. It was here that we manufactured our first Series A electric actuators for the Italian petrochemical industry, together with hydraulic actuators and control systems for shipyard customers.

The journey had begun. These initial product lines and the ones that followed have played an integral role in helping the world’s major industries to improve their valve operating efficiency.

Biffi’s world-class facilities

In 1969 Biffi consolidated by moving to its present location, where we developed our first series B electric actuators in cast iron. We also went international with major projects for the Russian oil & gas market.

Further substantial expansions of the operation followed in 1978 and 1996, as today’s fully equipped 29,000 square feet factory gradually evolved.

Charting the history of actuation

The timeline for Biffi’s new product lines over the last 60 years reads like a history of actuation.

In the seventies we led the way in developing gas-over-oil actuators (OGK) for low temperature application. The standardisation of the ‘scotch-yoke’ mechanism for quarter-turn applications saw new advances in GIG (gas powered high pressure), ALGA (pneumatic low pressure) and OLGA (hydraulic) actuation. And it was a period when Biffi produced its first spring return actuators (ALGAS) and introduced the aluminium Series C electric actuator.

The eighties were notable for Biffi expanding its market activity to the Middle East, South East Asia and America, which resulted in a host of new product lines, including:

  • Integral quarter-turn electric actuators with epicycloidal gears
  • Electro-hydraulic actuators with an integral power pack
  • Hydraulic subsea actuators (OFO/OFOS)
  • Pneumatic rack-pinion actuators (RP/RPS)
  • Hydraulic quick acting actuators (OLGAS-QA)
  • Electric fail-safe actuators with spring return (EFS)