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Model of Organization, Management and Control and Code of Ethics

The Legislative Decree N. 231 of 8th June 2001 has established the discipline of the administrative responsibility of the legal persons. The above mentioned decree states that a legal entity can be deemed responsible, and consequently sanctioned, of certain crimes committed or attempted by its Directors as well as by its employees and partners to advantage the company itself. According to the provisions of the Decree, a company can be relieved from responsibility, provided that an organization model, able to prevent the crimes considered in the above mentioned Decree, is adopted and successfully implemented.

Our company, as per deliberation of the Board of Directors held on 27th September 2006, in compliance with the principles stated in the Decree, has adopted its own Code of Ethics and Organization and Management Model and has nominated a Supervisory Body with independent decision authority and control. The Code of Ethics, the Organization & Management Model and the procedural framework developed by the company have been implemented in compliance with the regulations of the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and of the Convention on Combating Bribery of Foreign Public Officials in International Business Transactions (OECD).

Since 2006, the company has updated its Organization and Management Model (now named “Model of Organization, Management and Control”) and Code of Ethics several times, on the basis of the following motivations:

  • firstly, the organizational changes which occurred to the company and, in general, to the Group
  • secondly, it was deemed necessary to assess the existing risks with reference to the categories of offences introduced by the Legislator in the Legislative Decree over recent years

In particular, as per deliberation of the Board of Directors held on March 30th, 2017 the company adopted the fifth edition of its Model of Organization, Management and Control and Code of Ethics.

With the processing of the above mentioned documents, the company aims at tracing conduct guidelines that need to be strictly followed by all of its employees and partners in the management of the company’s relationships, by following ethic values and principles of honesty, integrity, professional correctness, respect of laws and regulations and transparency of operations.

Enclosed documents:

All the third parties having necessity of additional information about the Model of Organization, Management and Control of Biffi Italia S.r.l. will have to send a request to the following address:
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c/o Biffi Italia S.r.l.
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