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Electro-hydraulic actuator for geothermal power station

The project:
A geothermal power station was looking for an electro-hydraulic actuator capable of providing continuous and accurate modulating of the pipeline flow, 24 hours per day and up to 8000 hours per year. Great accuracy was needed, along with a fast open/close response time.

The solution:
With its self-contained power unit matched by high level diagnostics and control more typical of electric actuators, Biffi’s electro-hydraulic actuator offered a universal solution for all valve applications.

The result:
  • The electro-hydraulic actuator has an operating time to OPEN/CLOSE of just 0.5 seconds.
  • It offers exceptional accuracy too (99.9%)
  • Reliable safety features, due to spring and accumulators
  • Password protected configurations are saved onto 3 separate permanent memories
  • ON/OFF and modulating control are available
  • 5 Analog Inputs, 2 Analog Outputs, 11 Digital Inputs, 2 Digital Outputs
  • Bluetooth or RS232 connectivity with Biffi-Assistant software tool for PC