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Biffi’s largest ever pneumatic actuator meets the HIPPS challenge

The project:
A gas pipeline operated a number of 46” Class 900 High Integrity Pressure Protection System (HIPPS) valves. This meant they required a pneumatic quarter-turn solution with a fast closing time, in order to guarantee the safety of downstream gas transport facilities.

The solution:
Biffi recommended their spring return piston actuator: the ALGAS 80. This pneumatic quarter-turn actuator has an internal cylinder diameter of 1800 mm and a spring wire diameter of almost 4”. It also boasts a maximum operating torque of 750,000 Nm and weighs in at 14,000 kg.

The result:
  • The ALGAS 80 integral quick exhaust valve has a flow rate of NB close the space 200 I./sec - this allows an exceptional close time of 12 seconds for a displacement volume of 2,44 I.
  • Biffi offer a complete service package from design and fabrication to testing
  • High operation flexibility and high dynamic response are guaranteed through an integral quick exhaust mechanism