Exceptional Engineering Solutions

A unique application demands a unique actuator

The project:

An oil & gas refinery was undertaking the first full scale industrial application of its newly patented Slurry Technology, which allowed an almost total conversion of the heaviest refinery bottoms to middle and light distillates.

To achieve this however, the client had a very specific need for a linear actuator that could operate its 6”, 8” and 16” stop-check globe valves.

The solution:
Working closely with the client as a valve automation solutions partner, Biffi developed a custom designed solution to match the new technology. The result was a unique two stage linear pneumatic actuator (PLAS-RSC).

The result:
  • The actuator features two piston chambers, which allow a sequential three-step opening stroke and fail close by a single spring stroke
  • Spring thrust is specifically calculated to allow a stop-check function, whilst eliminating the risk of chattering
  • AST (Air Staring Torque to open): up to 116,000 N
  • SET (Spring Ending Torque to close): up to 239,000 N